Documenta Universitaria is a publishing company of Edicions a Petició, S.L., company of editorial services constituted in 2003 as SpinOff of the University of Girona, owner of the publishing company Papers amb ACCENT, which publishes literature and essay in Catalan, and owner too of the publishing company Papers on Demand, which is dedicated to the print on demand of generic books.

Documenta Universitaria publishes academic works.

Documenta Universitaria drastically reduces production costs and can offer high quality books at very attractive prices.


Works of an academic character, intended for a specialised reader, cannot be printed in large quantities.If only the exact number of necessary copies of each work is published , unnecessary expense and surplus stock, which after all the production and storage cost ends up being destroyed, is avoided.


Documenta Universitaria only prints the copies the market requires, but can reprint the title as many times as necessary at any time. Furthermore, it offers the option of publishing the work in an electronic book, or ebook format; in this way, through the safe transaction of the electronic document, the worldwide sale of the work without delivery costs is made possible. With the system of printing on demand, all works are catalogued and promoted in specialised circles so they are appropriately known about and requested.




If you want to send us an original you can do it by mail to the address of the Parc Científic or by e-mail to


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